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Going Beyond Resumes assesses candidates’ skills and attributes using a range of pre-employment assessments. These assessments are aimed at assisting companies in making more informed hiring decisions. Hence, reducing biases and ensuring that candidates are a good fit for the role and the organization.


Accordingly, each assessment is unique and utilizes a multi-faceted approach to testing candidates, including multiple-choice, spreadsheet, written text, and video. 

Therefore, depending on the role, you get an overview of the candidates’ critical skills, such as communication, comprehension, leadership, strategic thinking, accounting, Excel functions and formulas, analysis, and more.


Simply put, you get a grasp of the candidates’ technical and soft skills, whether in the accounting, human resources, retail, manufacturing, marketing, customer service, or sales industries.

Image by Sammie Chaffin



The skills tested in this Assessment include testing candidates' ability to build rapport and communicate with customers. In addition, their active listening skills and ability to adapt to particular client interactions and situations are assessed. The Assessment also tests their ability to problem-solve and navigate difficult scenarios. The video questions will give you a sense of the candidate's personality and charisma, along with their ability to adapt to different types of clients and situations/complaints.


This Assessment examines explicitly the following skills: formulas, functions, charts, and data management. Using this Assessment, you can expect to learn how proficient a candidate is with Excel, whether they understand the basics, like creating formulas and charts, and whether they can use the workflow optimization functions critical to efficiency.


The skills tested in this Assessment include attention to detail, organization, and multitasking. The questions should showcase the candidate's ability to maintain pipeline discipline and high attention to detail, prioritize having repeatable frameworks for their inbound and outbound activities, and manage multiple tasks and competing priorities without sacrificing quality or standard service levels. You can expect to learn whether the candidate can be relied upon to uphold high standards of professionalism.


The skills tested in this assessment determine whether the candidate understands human resources, law, and company policies and communicates with various stakeholders. We test whether the candidate has the attention to detail to pick up on errors within documents and if they can communicate personably and professionally with colleagues. You can expect to learn whether the candidate can communicate well with internal stakeholders and understands human resource policies and practices required for the role.


This Assessment focuses on the candidate's skills in navigating Microsoft Word / Excel, how they collaborate and communicate with others, and the ability to think on their feet. You can expect to learn whether the candidate can coordinate under the pressure of a busy office, complete tasks and a high standard within a quick turnaround time, follow instructions, and communicate clearly and confidently.

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